DMTS Email Announcement

DMTS is making improvements to your e-mail system to improve reliability and speed. The changes will occur on 30 April 2014 or shortly thereafter. To ensure that you maintain uninterrupted access to your account, please make the following changes from now to how you log-in to our web site and to the setup of your e-mail client, if you use one, on your computer or on your mobile cell phone.

Please note that these changes only affect the access to your account and the operation of your computer’s or mobile phone’s e-mail client, if you use one, such as Outlook Express. They do not affect your e-mail account or its contents. Failure to make these changes will affect only your ability to log-in to your account, and your e-mail client’s ability to receive and send mail.

  1. Log-in via DMTS Webmail:
    When logging-in via the DMTS web site, please use your full email address for your account name. e.g. if your account name is “username”, you should now log-in by typing in “”. No other changes are required. Your password does not change. The email system that DMTS is migrating to does not support calendars at this time.  Users who are currently using a calendar in webmail should take the necessary action to record their appointments and alerts in an alternative resource as the items in your calendar will not be migrated.
  2. Log-in via computer e-mail client:
    If you log-in using a computer-based email client such as Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail or MacMail, please click to the appropriate attachment below and follow the instructions for changing your client’s account settings.

    Outlook Express (PDF) >>
    Windows Live Mail (PDF) >>
    MacMail (PDF) >>
    Mozilla Thunderbird (PDF) >>

  3. Log-in via Cell Phone:
    If you log-in to your e-mail account using an Android-based cell phone or an iPhone, please click on the appropriate attachment below and follow the instructions for changing your phone’s settings.

    Android (PDF) >>
    iPhone (PDF) >>

Should you experience any difficulty understanding or implementing any of these changes, then please contact our DMTS helpdesk at (807) 223-1100.

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