Obscene, Threatening or Harassing Calls

  • Don’t talk to the caller.
  • Hang up quietly. Don’t display emotion or alarm.
  • Never indicate that you are alone.
  • Advise children not to give information to strangers.
  • Women and children should be listed in the DMTS Directory by surname and initials rather than by given names, which help indicate gender or age.
  • Recorded greetings on answering machines should not include your name or indicate that you are not home.
  • Use Call Trace if calls persist (see instructions on this page).
  • For more information or assistance, call DMTS. We cooperate with police agencies in the identification and prosecution of unlawful calls.

Fax Calls

Fax or modem calls on your voice line will make a beeping or screeching sound. Most fax calls received on a voice line are wrong numbers or misdirected.

Live Voice of Fax Solicitation

Most hang-up or dead air calls are related to incomplete telemarketing calls. Predictive dialers, which assist in making live or fax calls, can reload numbers into the dialing queue.

Consumers Beware

Some out-of-city directory firms send annual mailings to Dryden businesses and include an ad cut out of the Dryden Directory Yellow PagesTM. These firms are not associated with DMTS or its Directory.

Call Trace

Trace the source of harassing and obscene calls by dialing a simple code. Call Trace will trace blocked numbers. Call Trace should only be used in serious situations when you plan to take legal action against the caller. DMTS will only release Call Trace information to the police.

Charge for Call Trace
Call Trace is $5 per successful trace to a maximum of $10 within your monthly billing period. Pay only if the number is successfully traced. Pay for the trace whether or not the police request the number.

How to Use Call Trace

  • Hang up after answering the call.
  • Pick up the receiver and listen for the dial tone, then press *57 on a tone dialing phone or, dial 1157 on a rotary phone.
  • Wait and a voice message will tell you if your call has been successfully traced.
  • Record the time, date that the trace was activated, and write down everything you can remember about the call.
  • Report the harassing and obscene calls to the police.

Sale or Directory Files

DMTS provides a complete set of listings to an independent telephone directory publisher for the sole purpose of publishing telephone directories. The listing information is used only to compile and publish directories and is not shared, re-sold, rented or otherwise disposed of to any third party.