Trouble Shooting & Repair Guide

To report a problem with your home,business telephone service: CALL 611


It may be caused by the weather, aerial satellites, poor grounding or other conditions that are only temporary. If the noise persists, the tips listed in the Troubleshooting Guide may help define the problem. Because cordless telephones operate on radio frequencies, they can also receive interference from nearby radio transmitters and other cordless phones. Contact your cordless telephone equipment supplier or manufacturer for assistance with these problems.


If this occurs while making a local or long distance call, it means that all telephone circuits are busy. If you have DMTS voicemail, a rapid busy signal indicates you have a message waiting. Please clear your voicemail and try again.


If you rent all of your sets from DMTS, the monthly charge includes full repair service. If you buy your own equipment, you will have to make your own arrangements for repair of your sets. DMTS will still be responsible for maintenance of your line.


There is a diagnostic maintenance charge if DMTS makes a repair visit and the trouble is found to be caused by customer owned equipment. There is no service charge if the trouble is found to be caused by DMTS equipment or lines. However, there may be an equipment charge for damage caused by negligence or lack of reasonable care to DMTS equipment. For example, cords chewed by pets, receiver left off hook, accidental spillage on equipment, Call Forward activated in error, equipment unplugged or plugged into wrong jack or premise renovations.


That depends on whether the problem is in your telephone set, in the wiring inside your home or office, or in the outside lines and switching equipment that DMTS uses to provide you with service. Simple tests offered in our Troubleshooting Guide can help you determine whether to call DMTS. These tests may save you time and money.

The following points may help you determine why your phone is not working:

  • Check to see if all telephones are hung up.
  • If you have only one phone and it unplugs, you can take it to a friend’s home and plug it in. If it doesn’t work there, you probably have a phone equipment problem.
  • If you have two or more phones that unplug, unplug all of them, then try each one – one at a time – in each phone jack or outlet.
  • If one phone doesn’t work anywhere, you probably have a phone equipment problem. If none of the phones work in a particular jack, you may have a jack or a line problem.
  • Borrow a friend’s phone and try it in each of your jacks. If it doesn’t work in a particular jack, you may have a jack problem. If it doesn’t work in any jack, you may have a DMTS line problem.
  • If your phone doesn’t unplug, contact DMTS Repair Service.
  • If you have a Customer Owned Equipment (COE) or accessories such as answering machines, speaker phone, cordless phones, a security system, or loud ringer, unplug all Customer Owned Equipment from the telephone jacks. If your telephone service works without the added equipment, the problem may be with your equipment or accessories.
  • If you are renting a phone from DMTS and the troubleshooting check indicates that the telephone set is the problem, please notify DMTS Repair Service.

Note: Please unplug all COE before calling the Repair Service in order for the line to be tested.