Business Phone Systems

Norstar™ Systems

Norstar telephone systems utilize digital technology to provide reliable high quality sound at an affordable price. Visual prompts provide a step-by-step user guide for the many features unique to Norstar. You can easily add new features and capabilities without having to change out your telephone sets. With Norstar, you will be able to use the convenient features to enhance your business.

Norstar systems and Business Series Terminals support a long list of standard features that are so easy to use; your employees will become more productive immediately. Advances in software now provide even greater flexibility to attach other wireless cordless devices seamlessly.

Some features, at a glance, include:

  • LCD window with soft keys – walks user through features and applications. This makes Norstar one of the easiest telephone systems to use, and eliminates the need for time-consuming and expensive training.
  • Speakerphone – Crystal clear hands-free operation, high quality speakerphone built into every phone (not available on T7100) for convenience and productivity.
  • Dedicated head set jack – reduces cost and simplifies installation (not available on T7100)
  • Intercom – increases the convenience of interoffice conversations while keeping outside lines free.
  • Programmable buttons – permits each user to customize their phone with the right mix of lines, features and intercoms.
  • Memory buttons – provides fast access to frequently dialed numbers.
  • Call log – tracks and records incoming calls.
  • Hold – provides the waiting caller with tones or music plus a periodic reminder of held calls.
  • Volume control – lets you adjust the ringer, speakerphone, headset and handset volume.
  • Selective ring tones – gives user the choice of four ringing tones to easily distinguish their phone’s ring from others nearby.
  • Wall-mount capable – gives you the added flexibility to install the phone where it’s needed.
  • Conferencing feature allows you to quickly add a third person to a conversation.

Norstar is one of the most durable and reliable key systems available in the marketplace delivering outstanding quality and value.

Centrex Service™

Centrex is a comprehensive package of voice and data services that provide the business customer with a number of unique features to enhance both communication capabilities and the ability the handle calls more effectively. Since many features are included in the basic monthly rental, there is no need to incur extra cost to add a particular feature to a line. Discounts are available bulk purchase of Centrex lines.

The majority of features are included in the line rate, however, there are a few features which carry a separate monthly charge. Examples include Voice Mail, Call Display, additional directory numbers, paging, music on hold, and conference bridge/meet-me-conference.

Key Features:

  • Important customers can dial direct numbers to reach individuals
  • Call Forward can transfer calls to an attendant, voice mail or to a cell phone
  • Link can resolve customer questions/issues promptly with the ability to turn any telephone conversation into a 3 way call

Some of the benefits of Centrex include:

  • Each employee has their own individual telephone line
  • Digital sets can be programmed with a multiple appearance of directory numbers to enhance customer service
  • Reliability – DMTS monitors and maintains the system 24/7 so there is no need to worry about power outages and whether the system is working well
  • Unlimited growth – Centrex systems can range from as few as two lines to hundreds of lines, adding or removing a line is easy
  • Save money & space – with Centrex, there is no need for costly capital outlay to purchase equipment AND you don’t have to find space to house any on-site equipment
  • Centrex can provide a uniform dialing plan for multiple locations
  • Always up-to-date – Your equipment does not become obsolete
Development: WMAD.