DMTS Notice to Customers

DMTSWe are pleased to announce that Dryden Mobility has accepted in principle an offer from Tbaytel for the purchase of our mobility customer base. In early October, pending Dryden City Council’s approval of the offer, Tbaytel will be sending a letter directly to you providing the details of the date and terms of the transfer of your account and any action that is required by you to complete the transfer.

What will happen prior to the transition?

Dryden Mobility would like to thank customers for their loyalty over the years and will be offering complimentary cellular service for the month of October. During this period, there will be no requirement to move your account to TbayTel and customers will enjoy free cellular services from Dryden Mobility. All calling plans, text messaging, North American roaming services and long distance will be free of charge for our loyal customers. Through the month of October, the staff of Dryden Mobility will be working closely with TbayTel to ensure a smooth transition with no interruption in service.

How will you benefit by Tbaytel becoming your new wireless service provider?

We, along with the Tbaytel team, are committed to making the transfer process as simple and convenient for you as possible. Details on how your account will be moved from the current Dryden Mobility 2G wireless network to Tbaytel’s 4G wireless network will be provided in Tbaytel’s early October letter to you.

With the combined power of Rogers, Tbaytel’s 4G wireless network reaches across Canada and around the world. You will benefit by having access to the region’s largest voice and data network, international roaming and the latest in wireless devices. Tbaytel has been expanding its 4G wireless network in Northern Ontario and will be adding additional sites in the Dryden area to enhance coverage. With the new Tbaytel 4G wireless service, you will be able to take advantage of the region’s fastest and most extensive wireless data network, providing you with on-the-go access to the Internet and email in Northern Ontario, North America and around the world.

When will this change happen?

Pending Dryden City Council’s approval of the final agreement to purchase in early October, Tbaytel will send a letter directly to you that will provide more details regarding the transition of your account from DMTS to Tbaytel. You do not have to take any action until you receive this letter from Tbaytel.

Please watch your mailbox for Tbaytel’s early October letter. It will provide you with simple instructions on how to take advantage of Tbaytel’s new transition plans and offers.

DMTS sincerely thanks you for your business. We are confident that you will be well served by Tbaytel.