What can I do to control Pop-Ups?

A common and effective solution to most Pop-Ups is a Pop-Up Blocker. A Pop-Up Blocker is a program that helps to prevent unsolicited windows from appearing in your browser window. No single Pop-Up Blocker will be 100% effective but the programs below will help prevent most Pop-Up windows:

A web browser that has become extremely popular for its blocking of Pop-Up windows is Mozilla Firefox, which contains a built-in Pop-Up blocker. There is also a web browser called Opera that comes equipped with a built-in Pop-Up blocker.

There are also stand-alone Pop-Up blocking software packages available. To view a listing of downloadable Pop-Up blockers, please click here. Once again, these programs are neither endorsed nor supported by DMTS Internet Services.

If you desire to test your web browser’s ability to block Pop-Up windows, you may want to go to the website www.popuptest.com. (Please be aware that this web site is neither endorsed nor supported by MTS Internet Services and is only being recommended as a service to our customers.) The test labeled Multi-Pop-Up Test is a great example of multiple new browser windows being opened by a rogue browser link.

Note: It is vital that you pay close attention to what you are agreeing to or what you are clicking on while online. Many times when you click the CLOSE or AGREE button on a malicious pop-up window, you may actually be agreeing to the terms and conditions that would and allow unsolicited software to be installed on your system.