Why did my email freeze while trying to open an email?

If your email appears to be stuck on one message (Example: It will say “Downloading message 4 of 7”), this is usually caused by an email with a large attachment. Slower connection speeds mean a large email takes longer to download than downloading using a High Speed connection.

Follow the steps below to remove this attachment and restore your email’s functionality:

  1. Connect to the Internet
  2. Open a browser window, and blank out the address bar
  3. Type in mail.drytel.net and press “Enter” on your keyboard
  4. Enter your “Username” (the part before the @ symbol in your email address) and your password.
  5. Click “Login”
  6. You will be presented with a list of emails that you have not yet downloaded. Locate the email that you are having difficulties with by counting down from the top of the page (ie: If it had stalled on “Receiving message 4 of 7”, locate email number 4)
  7. The size of the email will be displayed to the far right of the email in WebMail
  8. At this point, you may view the contents of the message which helps determine whether you wish to save the contents or to delete the message
  9. To delete the message that is stopping your email from downloading, place a checkmark beside the email, and click the Delete button.

You should now be able to open your email program and download your email. If you find that this does not fix the problem, ensure there isn’t another email with a large attachment.