What will happen if I don’t check my computer for open mail relay programs?

If you become an open relay server the recipients of the forwarded messages (commonly referred to as spam) will send reports of email abuse to your Internet Service Provider (ISP), i.e. DMTS. It is possible for an infected computer using a dial-up service to send over 30,000 spam messages in one hour. If you are using a broadband high speed Internet service, the numbers would be much higher. This is why ISP’s must take action against open mail relay connections. If DMTS were to allow an open mail relay to continue, other ISP’s would place DMTS on a “black list”, and block any email from DMTS Internet customers.

This would impact not only your ability to send email to family or friends using that particular ISP but also every other DMTS Internet customer.
If we find that your computer has become the victim of an open mail relay we will contact you, place your account on hold, and ask that you attempt to remedy the situation. Generally, we ask that you perform a thorough virus scan of all hard disk drives on your computer(s). Once this process has been completed and your virus definition files are up-to-date, you should be virus free and the open relay files will have either been removed or quarantined. After contacting us and informing us of the actions you have taken, we would then re-activate your account.

We also recommend that your computer be thoroughly checked for spyware, which gathers information about your web surfing habits.