Flash Feature Codes

OperationDefault Feature CodeCustom Feature Code
Leave a MessageFeature Feature 9 _ _
Open MailboxFeature Feature 9 _ _
Flash Extension NumberFeature Feature 9 _ _
TransferFeature Feature 9 _ _
InterruptFeature Feature 9 _ _

Feature Code Descriptions

  • Leave a Message - Use to leave a message in an initialized Flash mailbox.
  • Open Mailbox - Use to open your mailbox.
  • Flash Extension Number - Use to determine the Flash extension number in order to forward your Norstar telephone to Flash.
  • Transfer - Use to transfer a call to a mailbox.
  • Interrupt - Use to interrupt a caller listening to your Personal Mailbox greeting or leaving a message.

Forwarding Your Calls To Flash

When you are not available to answer your telephone, you can forward you calls directly to Flash.

  1. Press Feature 9 8 8. Record the Flash DN.
  2. Press Feature 4
  3. Enter the Flash DN

To Cancel call forward:

  1. Press Feature # 4 or Press Cancel

Frequently used dialpad keys

  • To replay the Flash Options, press * *
  • To back up the display to the previous display prompt from a single-line display, press *
  • To interrupt most voice prompts or enter an option, press # to speak to the Operator, press 0.