GSM Network Now Available

Dryden Municipal Telephone System (DMTS) operating as Dryden Mobility will operate a GSM network in Northern Ontario.

“DMTS is committed to providing a competitive choice for wireless customers throughout the North and our management and staff look forward to bringing our customers the best wireless network technology choice in 2009,” said Peter Gillis, General Manager DMTS, Dryden Mobility.

DMTS has negotiated a roaming agreement with Rogers Wireless that will allow DMTS’ customers to roam on the Rogers next generation network as well as Rogers’ customers to roam on the DMTS network.

DMTS is in the process of installing and testing facilities and will have working sites supporting this network operational in 2009.

Mayor Krassilowsky notes, “Congratulations to DMTS/Dryden Mobility on this achievement in a competitive telecommunications environment! This is outstanding progress in opening more doors of choice to people, business and industry across Northern Ontario.”

What Does This Mean

As of January 2009 DMTS has received approval from Industry Canada to operate a GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) throughout a large portion of Northern Ontario.

DMTS will be operating as an independent carrier throughout the north.

DMTS has agreements in place to carry the traffic of a National Carrier as well as having that carrier support DMTS subscribers on their National Network.

DMTS will be offering Pay as You Go plans.

DMTS will be offering Text Messaging and Data services over its GSM EDGE Network.

DMTS is in the process of installing hardware and testing and should be in a position to offer service in 2009.

DMTS will be providing all its current customers a new GSM cell phone at no charge when they convert to the new network starting in the second quarter of 2009.

DMTS will NOT be charging a $75.00 Network Access Fee.

DMTS will NOT be charging any Activation Fees.