Calling Cards

With DMTS Long Distance Service there are NO additional “Monthly Network Charges”, and with all DMTS plans Canadian and US “Calling Card” calls originating and terminating within Canada and the US are 15 cents a minute! Plus competitive rates for all international destinations!


To Activate Your Calling Card

When you first receive the card we strongly recommend you call the toll free number on the back of the card (1-866-913-5580) and follow the voice prompts to set up a four digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) for your card.

This is important because if you were to lose your card and it is not protected by a PIN, it could be subject to unauthorized use that you would be responsible for. Selected PIN numbers should be something you will remember easily, try and avoid numbers such as “1111” or “6789”, as they are too easy for others to guess, and always keep your PIN to yourself.

You may change your PIN anytime through the toll free number on the back of your card. Should you forget your number call DMTS at 223-1100 and a Customer Service Representative (CSR) will clear your PIN (DMTS CSR’s can not tell you what your PIN is, only reset it, if calling by telephone, you may be asked questions about your account in order for our CSR to verify your identity).

If you require additional cards for other members of your household, simply call or drop by DMTS and we will be happy to issue them for you. If you lose or damage a card, call DMTS for a replacement.

Thank-you for choosing DMTS for your long distance needs, should you have questions about your long distance service or wish information on any of the other fine communications services DMTS has to offer, do no hesitate to contact us.