Routers and Hubs

The basic idea behind a High Speed broadband router is to allow two or more computers to share an Internet connection using technology called NAT – Network Address Translation. Network Address Translation enables a network of computers to access the Internet with only a single IP address. All of the computers behind the router can access the Internet simultaneously. Additionally, NAT provides the additional benefit of enhanced security on your network because it naturally acts as a firewall. Your computer network will be much safer from hackers when you are behind a router as a result.


Broadband routers can vary greatly in both complexity and features. A basic router can provide Internet access to all the computers in your home. If you primarily use your Internet connection to surf the web and retrieve e-mail, a basic router will provide you with enhanced security and very little maintenance. For more advanced users, many routers come with additional features such as print servers, etc..

Routers also allow you to share files and printers over your local network. Because router configurations can vary, DMTS Internet Services does not provide support for configuring routers.