Directory Assistance

North American Directory Assistance

Directory assistance calls are charged to the calling number.

  • For all numbers within Canada and the US (excluding Northwest Territories and Yukon) dial 411
  • From a payphone to the excluded areas dial 1+area code+555-1212
  • For overseas/international calls, dial 00
  • For toll-free service dial 1-800-555-1212
  • For TTY users (all listings) dial 711

Local & Long Distance Directory Assistance Charges

You are charged for each call requesting a local or long distance number whether it is successful or not. This includes calls to all points in Canada and in the United States.

Exemptions from Directory Assistance charges for local calls:

  • Certified disabled persons who cannot use the directory.
  • Certified functionally illiterate persons.
  • Certified persons having a temporary disability preventing usage of the directory.
  • Certified persons 65 years of age or older

Contact DMTS Customer Service for exemption forms.

Overseas/International Directory Assistance Charge

There is an access charge on all International/Overseas Directory Assistance requests. No charge applies if the Foreign Directory Service cannot be reached. Customers may request up to two listings per call, if supplied by the same Foreign Directory Operator at the same time.

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