Anywhere in NW Ontario Long Distance Terms & Conditions

To Whom it may concern:

The Customer hereby authorizes Navigata Communications Ltd. (“Navigata”) to act as an agent on their behalf in the ordering and administration of telecommunication services and facilities. This applies to the addition of new services, rearrangements and removal of services carried out as per the received instructions.

This letter directs Navigata to transfer the telephone numbers listed from the current provider, Bell Canada, to the service provider of choice and gives Navigata full authority to deal with the service provider on the customer’s behalf with regard to the billing of the phone numbers. This direction and authorization will remain in effect until written notice is received by Navigata that it has been withdrawn by the Customer.

The Customer acknowledges having transfered the numbers to Navigata and Navigata, for all purposes, will control and be responsible to the service provider for payment of all amounts owing in respect to those numbers. The Customer acknowledges that they have agreed with Navigata to cancel such transfer only upon payment in full to Navigata of all amounts owed by the Customer for services provided in respect to the numbers.

The Customer warrants to the service provider that they are an authorized body and have full authority to authorize Navigata to act as an agent on behalf of the Customer.