Network Update

In the Dryden Area

New sites built in the North Dryden and Wabigoon Drive area are up and working. The 65

Princess street (CO) site downtown has been fitted with new antennas and is now working as

a sectored site. This has lead to a noticeable improvement in service in the Dryden area,

there still exists network issues which are being worked on. We have however distributed the

customer load from the Main Dryden and downtown site enough to alleviate the 3:30 to 4 PM


Work on other area sites was delayed slightly by the decision to place a temporary cell site at

the airport for the Air Show weekend. We are trying to bring in an additional outside tower

crew for next week to speed up our progress. Work will continue on our new Dinorwic site

next week and it is expected to be completed the week by June 4 with priority being given to

the wireless internet, cellular to be completed the week of June 7

Sectorizing the Highway 502 (landfill) and Barclay sites to improve range and capacity will

begin the week of May 31

June 7

Work on our Eagle Lake FN tower has commenced, the power line is in, the building is

nearing completion and as of today the first 60 feet of the tower is erected. All construction

should be completed June 4

equipment will be placed after that and our equipment on the TBAYtel tower will be relocated

to the DMTS tower. pending addition of another tower crew, otherwise the week and hopefully hydro will be connected by that date. CellularImprovements in the Region

(providing we are able to add 1 outside tower crew for week of May 31)

Red Lake (water tower site) has been changed from an omni to a sectorized (3) site, this will

greatly improve service in the town. Network optimization is still on track to be completed in

the Red Lake area the week of May 31

Sioux Lookout area the week of June 21

Sioux Narrows, Rainy River, Morson sites are all on the DMTS microwave network now and

awaiting installation of cellular equipment. This also completes the Dryden to Fort Frances

(via Hwys 17 & 71) west portion of our microwave network. Completion of equipment

installation and turn up will be in the following order, Atikokan (town site), Sioux Narrows,

Rainy River and Morson, and is scheduled for early-mid June.

Completed cell sites located on the highway corridors between municipalities are functioning

as designed. Work on the remaining 4 Highway 11 sites between Atikokan and Shabaqua is

not expected to be completed until sometime in July and we are re-assessing our options for

additional cell sites to cover between Dinorwic and Ignace.

Further updates will be provided as information becomes available.

st , Fort Frances area the week of June 7th, and thest.