Some Delay with Network Upgrade

Updating the information from April 22. As part of this upgrade it was determined that a replacement of antennas at all the Dryden sites was also going to be required. Equipment has been ordered however delay in shipping has caused us to amend the original time line.

In the Dryden Area

A new site is built in the North Dryden area but will not be operational until the week of May 24th. Another new site in south Dryden is also being built and will be operational the week of May 24th. In conjunction it has been determined that there is a need to upgrade the site downtown with new antennas which will be in place by the week of May 24th. All work has to be completed before any of the new sites can be activated. This will lead to noticeable improvement in service in the Dryden area.

Work continues on our new Dinorwic site and it is expected to be completed the week by May 31st. Work on our Eagle Lake FN tower has commenced and the physical tower construction should be completed the week of May 31st and cellular equipment will be placed after that.

Improvements in the Region

Network optimization is scheduled to be complete in the Fort Frances area the week of June 7th, the Red Lake area the week of May 31st and the Sioux Lookout area the week of June 21st.

Completion of equipment installation at the Sioux Narrows tower and the Atikokan (town) tower is scheduled for the end of May to early June.

Completed cell sites located on the highway corridors between municipalities are functioning as designed. Work on the remaining 4 Highway 11 sites between Atikokan and Shabaqua is not expected to be completed until sometime in July and we are re-assessing our options for additional cell sites to cover between Dinorwic and Ignace.

In the interim The Company has disabled site handoff in congested areas as this process needs to be refined during the optimization process. Threats to this schedule are primary related to weather as inclement weather delays tower related work.

Further updates will be provided as information becomes available.